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Ty’s Flight for Sight was created after our youngest son, Ty was diagnosed with a rare retinal disease with no cure. Ty went blind at the age of 3. Since this time he has only been able to see light. Ty has seen doctors from all over the United States. In the beginning we were told he had LCA (Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis). This past year his diagnosis was changed to RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa). Both diseases cause the dying off of cone and rod cells and ultimately blindness. There are many cures in the clinical trial phase to help stop this disease and help people with the disease regain their sight.

Ty’s flight for sight is a non profit organization designed to help raise money for a cure for Ty’s rare retinal disease. When a cure becomes available to a child Ty’s age, we are told it will cost upward of $500,000. We want to be sure when the time comes for him to receive the cure we are able to pay for the procedure.  Ty’s doctors believe by the time he is 15 they will have the cure through the clinical trial phases and it will be available to him. Ty has lived in the dark for far too long. With your help we can ensure he is one of the first in line to see the world again.

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Thanks for visiting our site! There are many ways to get involved with Ty's Flight for Sight. You can donate to our organization by using the link to the right. Be sure to check our resources page for more information on Retinitis Pigmentosa and our events page for any upcoming events.